Products and Services

The world’s leading retailers rely on
PNI Digital Media to offer on-demand personalized products

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What Sets Us Apart

Leading retailers use our proven platform to offer photo prints and photo gifts, bridal and party invitations,
personalized greeting cards, business cards, brochures, presentations, fliers, bound documents, and more.

  • It’s Your Site

    PNI powers retailers. We don’t have any consumer-facing business.

  • It’s Your Storefront

    Retailers who use the PNI Digital Media Platform control the product, price, position, and promotion of the products available to their customers.

  • Your Customer Remains Your Customer

    All our implementations are under the brand and style of the retailer

  • We’re proven

    With more than 18 million transactions last year and 100% uptime during the critical holiday season, the PNI Digital Media Platform can meet your demands.