Staples US Website:The Apollo Project

The launch of our completely redesigned Staples Copy & Print website: The Apollo Project


With the end of Flash and the advent of HTML5 as well as a major increase in demand for business print products, there was a decided need for a print solution that would utilize HTML5 with a responsive design that could work on any connected device. This also brought to light the fact that the current end-user experience was fragmented and frustrating where retailers were dependent on a disparate network of third party vendors to power their website which meant that buying a business card, a banner and a flyer required creating three separate accounts, three separate logins and three separate check outs.

So the question was, how do we push beyond Flash? How do we bring an experience which was divided multiple ways into one, simple experience? How do we help small businesses easily create, order and distribute the marketing collateral they need to grow their business?



We set out to improve the game and ended up changing it entirely.

One of our proudest moments as a company was the launch of PNI Apollo. Working closely with Staples, every single department at PNI became involved in the creation of a brand new, market-leading solution. Apollo has taken the disjointed end-user experience of a $50 billion marketplace and made it a simple, engaging experience for both retailer and customer alike. We completely remade the custom product builder and the environment in which Staples customers shop online.

Since the launch, not only has Apollo changed the marketplace, it has also markedly increased revenues, conversion and user satisfaction for the new Staples Copy & Print website. We set out to improve the game and ended up changing it entirely. It was all hands on deck and the results are incredible