Merchandising Marketing Specialist - Vancouver, BC

Are you in love with creating inspiring and creative marketing campaigns? Does marketing for some of the largest retailers in the world appeal to you? Join PNI Digital Media's fun and energizing company culture and a marketing department where you are empowered to share, harness and execute on your ideas.

PNI is in search for a Merchandising Marketing Specialist with proven experience in optimizing product positioning and seasonality, that drives overall revenue growth. This individual is responsible merchandising and placement of products for our core retailer eCommerce sites.

This role will also be involved with identifying and bringing to market new design and content opportunities through the PNI Platform as well as creating closer connections with and aligning goals between product development and marketing efforts at PNI.

Specific areas of responsibility include:

Product Content

  • Create content schedules that coincide with seasonal campaigns and product launches for 8 PNI clients simultaneously

  • Establishing a content strategy and partnerships with designers and fulfillment vendors

  • Responsible for identifying product and design trends and opportunities in the marketplace for the PNI platform and its clients

  • Sourcing new themes and templates for existing and potential new products

  • Develop and grow additional revenue streams for PNI through product content offering

  • Increasing transaction sales revenue by introducing new content for the existing products on the already established platform

  • Create KPI's for merchandising revenue streams and new opportunities

  • Working closely with the product management team and aligning the content strategy with the roadmap in order to bring the recommendations to market

  • Working closely with the reporting and data analysis teams to monitor and observe product purchase trends

  • Develop a content marketing strategy for each client that adds value and reaches the appropriate audience


  • Managing the display and merchandising of the products on the site in order to ensure that the right products and the newest designs are properly displayed and promoted

  • Ensuring that marketing assets are featuring the right content, category and product displays are up-to-date, and product descriptions are current

  • Working closely together with the product management team in order to recommend improvements and upgrades to the merchandising of products through product display, filtering, sorting, searching, and category management tools

  • Work with the Marketing Manager and Account Managers to develop and execute online marketing campaigns for PNI clients that introduce and promote new and existing products, raise awareness, and generate sales

Qualifications and Skills

  • 3+ years experience in a marketing role

  • 2+ years Ecommerce merchandising experience

  • Fundamental knowledge of digital marketing, including customer acquisition strategies, content strategy, email marketing and social media marketing

  • Knowledge of SEO best practices, and Google Analytics.

  • Proven experience in contributing to revenue, conversions and key performance metrics through merchandising and content marketing initiatives

  • Strong presentation skills and excellent communication skills

  • Highly organized

  • Strong attention to detail, extremely organized, and excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Marketing Degree/ Diploma