Great Teams do Amazing Things

From top to bottom, PNI Media is a collaborative team. We work together, we share our ideas, we push to improve what we do, and we're always thinking up new ways to do it.


Meet our Leadership Team:

Committed to us, our clients, and to the PNI Media Platform, they lead the strategic direction of the company in the continued pursuit of scalable, sustainable ecommerce solutions.



The Industry's best and brightest,
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Business Development

Our Business Development team leads PNI Media’s forward-thinking growth and technology strategies and has expanded PNI Media’s reach across North America, into Europe and the Asia-Pacific Markets. They build our long- and short-term goals and champion the PNI Platform.

Overseeing all aspects of PNI Media’s development, they keep track of our impact, work closely with retailers and make sure their people are happy, healthy and inspired.


Finance, Human Resources & Business Intelligence

The members of our Finance, Human Resources & Business Intelligence team are data-driven, decision making champions who govern the company’s Culture, Finances, Analytics and Reporting platforms.

Through data collection and interpretation, they make sure the company stays on track while also maintaining an award-winning work culture that attracts top-tier talent.



The Operations team manages PNI Media's Platform across our active sites, internal IT projects, software deployments, and support for the ecommerce websites that our major retailer clients rely on.

From security to IT to product services, they promote a culture of security, service and best-in-class software compliance.


Products & Branding

The Products & Branding team oversees all product management, creative, art direction, and marketing initiatives. They work closely with our clients to ensure that the product roadmap, branding and voice are on point. 

They are responsible for the user experience across all aspects of our platform to ensure that all of our retailers hit and exceed their goals on a yearly basis.


Development & Maintenance

Our Development & Maintenance team works with our Project Management, Business Analysis, Release Management and Development teams to deliver the PNI Media Platform. 

They are developers, managers, automation and quality assurance experts who constantly drive our market-leading systems and hybrid Project Development process.



We combine strategy, design and engineering
to create innovative products.