Spotlight on Technical Services Manager, Bhavesh

Bhavesh PNI Spotlight.JPG

As our Technical Services Manager, Bhavesh Bhathella leads a team of maintenance, order support and database developers.

After a brief stint in chemistry, this Vancouverite got his degree in Computing Science and joined PNI as a Jr. Dev in 2012. But for the past 5 years he’s compounded technical training in Agile, Kanban, Scrum and ITIL with management development to create a solution of skills that’s shaped his career.

On a daily basis Bhavesh is collaborating and organizing operations between teams. He helps nearly every department across PNI to overcome obstacles in their projects – which he thoroughly enjoys.

And if needed, he’s also at the ready with a sarcastic quip or practical joke to lighten any tense day with a laugh. #remotecontrolspiderFTW.

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