Changing an Industry


Change is the PNI Media playground. We love it. It’s where people rise, great ideas form and movements begin. It’s the opportunity to create something new; and it’s inevitable. Without exception, every industry shifts, grows and eventually transforms. If it doesn’t, it falls behind and disappears. Sometimes change comes on its own and sometimes a product, a company, or a leader sparks it with the simplicity of an idea.

Our Platform was the idea, and it is now relied upon by some of the largest retailers on the planet.


We gave consumers and small businesses the ability to customize, create and print on demand photo and business products at the click of a button. We put the capabilities of a large print company directly in the hands of the customer. This idea, like all great ideas, created an incredible array of opportunities to keep pushing, to go further. In short, it changed the industry

Changing an Industry takes guts. It takes the willingness to step forward and to accept that the wheels might not spin when they hit the pavement.


Focusing on change is the only way to stay in the game. This mentality has given PNI Media the opportunity to do some amazing things with some amazing companies. Shifting an industry paradigm isn’t easy. It requires forgetting the old ways, un-learning old habits. If all we relied on to solve problems was the accepted, the normal, nothing would ever move forward. So we set out to look at things in a way that’s new and fresh. We approached issues not as ourselves but as those whose lives we hope to enrich with our work. It’s an incredible playground that never runs out of space.


The best lesson for any company to learn is that business is endless, and you can’t win an endless game. Companies that “play to win” often fail because they’re unwilling to accept change when it comes. If you aren’t actively seeking new ideas and innovation, it’s hard to compete with those who are. When an organization tries to control something that defies control, it leaves the doors open to those companies that are excited for change; because change is the opportunity. It is an opportunity for the upstarts to step in and deliver what the others won’t. An opportunity for the upstarts to change an industry.

And we love being the upstarts.