The PNI Media Mobile Team


Our Mobile team is the newest and freshest unit under the PNI Media Umbrella. Basically, we’re a group of excited developers making waves in a new and growing industry. And it comes with its perks: staying on the frontiers of the mobile market means getting first crack at all the new gadgets and goodies (we got an Apple Watch minutes after it was released to the market). It’s a sweet gig because we’re passionate about testing capabilities and developing for the newest and strongest consumer products on the market. Best of all, the mobile market is overflowing with opportunity. It’s a place where creativity and long-term thinking reign and we’re excited to be on the fringes of that market, helping to decide which direction we take next.


The holiday season is a great litmus test for new products in the retail world and as the crucible of great retail ideas, the December, 2015 season was very telling: this time around, the mobile sector accounted for over 30% of holiday revenues for our clients. This, more than anything, showcases the massive opportunity the mobile market offers to those who want to play in that sandbox. In terms of what we can do in the mobile landscape, we’ve only scratched the surface and we’ve found huge success doing it.


Despite the novelty of the mobile market, we haven’t forgotten our roots. We are one of the few mobile teams in the industry to still carry support for older iterations of iOS. Our development team is equally divided between Android and iOS platforms. These are the canvases upon which we paint.  

The Mobile team craves and welcomes creativity. We want the best and most outside the box thinking. Inside the box is boring, nothing ever changes there. But outside the box, that’s the most interesting place to be. Every idea inspires better ideas and those are the conversations we love to have. It’s how we find success.


We don’t play catch-up at PNI Media; we’re out in front. And being out in front means we set the standard. In two years, the Mobile team has tripled in size and we’re still growing. There’s a lot of uncharted territory out there and we’re looking forward to discovering it.