Making Ecommerce Environments that Drive Revenue


Ecommerce is often looked at from one direction only: how do companies capitalize on the opportunities the online market provides. At PNI Media, we look at it from two directions: how can we help companies capitalize on opportunities while helping the consumer capitalize on the ease of shopping in the ecommerce landscape. Digital marketplaces are an incredible opportunity to bring retailers and customers closer together, to help both parties conduct business in a simple, personal and fun way. The goals of profit and user experience become one and the same because the company that provides the best user experience is the one that gets talked about.


The online shopping environment begins and ends with the consumer. A product or service will live and die by its customer reviews and word of mouth spreads at the speed of a tweet. Because of this, a quality product isn’t enough anymore; now you must provide a quality, authentic experience that matches the promise of the product. Ecommerce has revolutionized the service industry to the point where improving the system must include every single transaction level from consumer through the service provider’s organization and back to the consumer. Each level must be considered to provide a holistic ecommerce solution.

In everything we do, we consider the experience of the target market, the in-store associates, the manufacturing staff, the shipping employees and the happy customer at the end of the road. This has garnered us fantastic working relationships with our clients as well as a platform that results in higher conversion rates, higher average order values and an expanding returning customer base.


Personality is key in all that we do. People don’t buy products for the sake of the product, they buy it for its purpose; the reason it exists. We buy a pair of shoes because we believe they best represent us as people; iOS lovers often seem morally opposed to Android products and vice versa because it represents them as people. This is why we strive to create a personal ecommerce experience as well as one that is effective both for the retailer and the customer. And there’s nothing more personal than products you can customize on the fly.


Making ecommerce easier means reducing the risk for every person involved in the transaction process. It means adding personality, beauty, flexibility and choice to the consumer experience. It means remembering that the customer, the associate, the call center attendant and shipper/receiver are all people. Because people know when they’re day to day lives have been considered in the building of a product. They know when they’re appreciated.