Sources of energy at PNI Media

We’re proud of the workplace we’ve developed at PNI. We’ve grown a lot from our humble beginnings in terms of our technology, our client list, and office expansions to accommodate a larger team. But even more so in recent years, we’ve developed a reputation as a great place to work.

We’re proud to be included in BC’s Top Employers of 2017, for the third consecutive year.

“When you have the world’s leading retailers counting on you, you need people who value their work,” said Cam Lawrence, PNI’s VP & General Manager. “With exciting projects, comprehensive benefits and a thriving company culture – that’s the team we’ve created at PNI.”

For a fresh perspective of life at PNI, we chatted with Chelsey Bonneteau, Manager of Product & Design Services.

“Without a doubt, it’s the people,” Chelsey said of what makes her smile when she walks through the doors of PNI. “I get to work with so many talented people, and their passion inspires me daily.”


Our clients rely on us to handle more than 21 million annual transactions. That means that we need to be able to rely on each other.

“Everyone is there to help each other out and work toward a collective goal of success,” Chelsey added. The most satisfying part of her role, which she advanced into in 2015, is when she finds ways to make the work of those around her a little easier. She’s become even more equipped to do so thanks to the skills she learned while obtaining her PNI-sponsored Scrum Master Certification.

That mutual support is essential when you’re working on ambitious projects under equally-ambitious deadlines.


“Things move very quickly here. There’s a sense of urgency, of working as hard as we can to produce the best possible results,” Chelsey explained. “We’re a team that gets things done.”

Whether we’re introducing a new product, updating our proprietary software, or launching a new site for a client – we excel. And while hitting the ground running is in our nature, you know that you can ask anyone for help, and that we’ll celebrate together once the push has passed QA. 


When you work at PNI, it’s easy for your coworkers to quickly become your friends as you tackle projects together or share some laughs at a company event.

Employees can volunteer in Culture Club – the team which plans and executes fun holiday-themed events, game tournaments and charity fundraisers. Outside of the planned events, you’ll find smiles around the foosball table or video game console, and anywhere that the PNI dogs roam.


A dog-friendly office is a major morale booster, and it’s a practical solution for dog-owners. PNI also offers flexible work hours for varying schedules, telecommuting options and flexible health plans. Employees are encouraged to break away from their desks by taking advantage of the health spending account, on-site gym facilities and access to company-sponsored fitness classes like yoga, spin and kickboxing.

Whether it comes from the thrill of a new project, a lunchtime visit to spin class, or a laugh at the coffee machine, PNI is packed with energy. With that energy, we empower one another to take on the tough challenges. As Chelsey summarized so well, “It’s a place where we can laugh, work hard together, and at the end of the day – create great things.”