Taking Perspective of Well-Being at PNI Media

To be selected as a top employer in BC is a major win in itself. To be recognized for four consecutive years is four times as exciting.

We have always pushed the boundaries to lead the industry. And we strive equally to provide a workplace and culture that’s among of the best in Vancouver. PNI Media is proud to be recognized once more as one of BC’s Top Employers in 2018.

What earns us that reputation? A few of PNI’s own have shared their unique perspectives on what matters to them.


The Family Holiday Party brought PNI's extended family together.

The Family Holiday Party brought PNI's extended family together.

The growing PNI family is filled with growing families. As part of our standard benefits plan, new moms (including adoptive moms) are supported with maternity and parental leave up to 100% of salary for 12 weeks.

"Growing your family is magical and beautiful but it comes with worries, additional responsibilities and lots of learning. It’s a great privilege to have peace of mind about the financial aspect," says Client Delivery Manager Carina Baldwin. "PNI has embraced my two maternity leaves while still supporting my career growth. My family is very grateful for that."

PNI also offers new dads one week of paid time off to help care for the new member of the family.

“This program has really helped my family transition our new arrival from the hospital to home without having to worry about work,” says Creative Director Vince Kwok, who has twice benefitted from this program. “Family always comes first and it’s great that PNI recognizes that men play a huge role at home too.”


Dog owners love our office's four-legged friendliness.

Dog owners love our office's four-legged friendliness.

The office also welcomes furry family members. Our team is invited to bring their lovable pups to hang out deskside – like Winston, Abby, Simona and Bhodi to name a few. Not only does the policy allow dog-owners flexibility and pet-sitter savings, it’s an overall happiness-booster.  

“Dogs bring people together! You can get to know more people around the office just by starting a conversation about them,” says Front-End Developer/owner of Yorkie Simona, Michel Gonzalez. And the feeling is mutual – nothing cheers you up faster than a quick tail-wagging cuddle recess.




Our Corporate Games hockey team brought home the bronze.

Our Corporate Games hockey team brought home the bronze.

PNI is situated in Gastown with a sweet set-up in a historic building, the former home of the BC Electric Railway Company. We’ve got 200+ employees over two floors, interspersed with espresso machines, fresh fruit deliveries, popcorn Fridays and a well-frequented foosball table.

All employees are also eligible to participate in free fitness classes and to join the PNI team in a variety of local sporting competitions. Junior Developer Beau Grier thoroughly enjoys the energy boosts he gets from being part of the softball team, dodgeball crew and the running club.

“The overall promotion of health within PNI is what keeps me motivated to promote health within myself.” He added that the benefits of healthy living extend throughout his life as well, heading home from work to his loved ones carrying a positive attitude and great energy. “It’s a cycle of positivity that is difficult to ignore.”


The Classical Chinese Garden across the street is a favourite for walking meetings.

The Classical Chinese Garden across the street is a favourite for walking meetings.

Telecommuting? Check. The opportunity to work from home provides valuable flexibility in any busy schedule. And for our long-route commuters like Director of Business Intelligence Craig Hockley, it’s a priceless benefit.

“I’m now saving over 40 hours a month in commuting time and living a fantastic work-life balance.” Craig and his wife have always wanted to raise their kids in the country and working from home almost full-time has turned that dream into reality. Time previously spent commuting is now time well spent with family.  




Charity Art Raffle in celebration of Women's Day.

Charity Art Raffle in celebration of Women's Day.


The hustle at PNI is palpable, which is why we pair it with a play-hard equivalent. Our employee-run social committee – Culture Club – hosts a number of events every year including creative fundraisers, Grouse Grind hikes and monthly Town Socials packed with food and drinks.

“Our aim is to help fire up the routine of everyday work life by hosting a ton of activities throughout the year. From St. Patrick’s Day to Halloween to big seasonal parties, we use ANY opportunity to eat, drink and be social,” says Laura St Amour, Project Manager and Head of Culture Club. Her favourite part? The charitable events we host to give back to the community. 


Behind all of our progress and success as a company are the dedicated, talented people who got us there. That’s why we prioritize the culture and benefits of working here – and continually strive to make them even better.

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