Spotlight on R&D Manager, Pete

PNI Pete Tribe sq.JPG

Pete Tribe might have one of the best roles a tech company has to offer. “I get to develop weird and exciting things.”

As our R&D Manger, he’s the architect who designs, prototypes and implements innumerous digital solutions that bring tremendous value to our platform.

Fascinated by programming since he was a wee, eight-year-old chap in the UK, Pete had three decades of strategic and practical experience by the time he joined PNI in 2012. Since then, he’s been at the helm of many of our most massive technical innovations and groundbreaking teams.

Through years of exploration and creative problem solving, he’s got two key pieces of advice. The first is to click “See also” every time you look up a new command; his secret to exponential knowledge growth. The second is philosopher William of Ockham’s principle, “Entities are not to be multiplied without necessity,” which, in a nutshell, means keep things simple.

Oh, one more – double-check that all the stock visuals in your prototype are work appropriate before you demo it.

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