Spotlight on Technical Product Manager, Jason

Jason PNI Spotlight.jpg

Back in the day, you might have taken a driving lesson from Jason Kossen. (Parallel parking nightmares, anyone?) But he’s long since shifted gears to pursue an exciting career in tech.

Jason started at PNI in 2009 as a Junior Quality Analyst, where he got a solid grasp on our technology. His next gigs, as a Junior and Senior BA, layered on a progressive understanding of the business at large. During that time, he was on the core team of two of our most integral product launches Phoenix and Apollo. Not a bad track record.

In 2017, he stepped into his current role as our Technical Product Manager. It connects his experience in technical development and business strategy in a critical way: by making sure both sides understand each other. Jason turns a vision into a market-ready product, solving problems for team members along the way. He’s there to identify the blind spots, guide us out when we’re blocked in, and show us how to work in parallel to get where we want to go.

Great to have you in our lane, Jason.

PNI Spotlight is a PNI Media social series where we shine the light on our employees. Whether it’s a piece of hard-learned advice, an unexpected story or a real look into a day in their life, everybody’s got something to share.

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